Friday, 3 April 2015

Good FrIday 2015

I've spent most of today with a lump in my throat.
A tightness in my chest.

A sense of not really knowing what to do with myself.
What to do
Where to go
How to be.

Until a few minutes ago it felt wrong somehow.
Part of my longing for something.
That would help make today significant.

But isn't this what it's like to grieve?
Isn't this how it feels when we wish things were different?
When we know God has a plan but it makes no sense in this present moment.

Jesus has died.
We know the ending.

The disciples certainly didn't.

The women watched in silent despair
as Jesus cried out


My God?

Why have you forsaken me?'

Maybe you,
Along with me,
Feel a bit out of sorts today.

You know,
I think that's ok.

We can sit with the grief of today.
God has not forsaken us.
It really is finished.

Together we scan the skies in the hope of a brighter day.

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