Thursday, 22 June 2017

On going to see The Shack

I went to see The Shack on Monday.

Now if by this point, you're starting to bristle....
and want to talk to me about it's theological soundness....
stop reading now.

Because in the nicest possible way,
I don't really care.
(In love....)

After starting to emerge from the worst depressive episode I've ever experienced,
in 23 years of the illness,
and finally getting the courage to write again,
I've decided to give you my thoughts.
To 'speak of what I know' (John Gowans)
I offer you nothing more than that.

So, back to The Shack.
I read it back in 2008.
I read it as it is published,
as a work of fiction.

It spoke to my heart and my soul.
The idea that God:
comes to us exactly how we need him in that moment
is one I can run with.

The film did the same.
Challenged me.
Inspired me.
Met me deep within.

There were times when I needed to suspend belief,
but that's what cinema is for isn't it?

There were moments of deep sadness,
as the story unfolded and God reminded me that He is right here.

In the thick of everything with me.

Loving me

Knowing me

Holding me

Then loving me some more.
Apparently He's 'especially fond of me,'

And there were times when I wanted to throw something at the screen.
Not just because of the cheesiness of the film at the beginning,
but also the narrator at the end saying,
'Mack lives most days with a sense of pure joy....'

So yes, I would say if you like cinema,
go and see The Shack.
It's not a deep theological offering,
but for me it has deep spiritual moments in it.
I asked God to speak through it
and He did.

How He did.

I left the cinema with
'My heart strangely warmed.'

In my experience,
particularly over the last 10 months,
God uses all kinds of people,
to help us come closer to Him.

If I can hear God through Frozen,
and Apollo 13
then you bet I can experience His presence very close
while watching The Shack.

Maybe you will too.
I hope so.

I'm praying his presence and power in your life,
right now.