Tuesday, 10 January 2017

On walking Daisy into 2017

We walked in the opposite direction today, Daisy and I,
We set out on a longer walk than usual and chose a different path.

Beside the canal,
over some bridges,
through a few fields.

Having a bit of puff left,
we decided to go round the lake we often venture round,
but as we're wild things who can't be tamed
we went round the other way.
I know!

It was fun for a while
Darting robins
Trees from a different angle
Views of the lake we hadn't seen before.

I loved it.
Not so much.

She seemed happy enough for a while;
but didn't seem to recognise her favourite places,
or her usual watering holes.

Her piece-de-resistance though, happened at the car park.
At precisely the moment when she was supposed to wait while I put her lead on,
she thought it would be really funny to run off.
As soon as I got close she darted in another direction.

Every time.
For 45 minutes.
Well when I say funny......

This time of year we're bombarded with advice about changing our lives.
New Year, New You !!!! (exclamation marks not mine)

But what if the old you;
the one who works hard,
makes the best of circumstances,
cries some more,
sometimes eats too much,
loves well, even though it hurts,
shows up even when they'd rather not;

The you of yesteryear
That you, was already pretty darned fine.

Not perfect by a long-shot,
but still here,
still showing up to do the business of life day after long day.

We celebrated Epiphany last Friday.
The visit of the wise men to the infant Jesus.
They were warned in a dream to go home 'another way,'
And I'm one of the legions who have preached sermons on those two words.

But this year?
This year I've decided harder, faster, stronger is not for me.
Different isn't always desirable.
Change is a challenge I don't aspire to.

Believe me I'm as surprised as you.
As the seed thoughts for this post started this morning,
I was going to suggest that gentle changes can be a good thing.
But after the debacle with Daisy, I've changed my mind.

This year I shall mainly be taking one step at a time.
I'll be busy forgetting what is behind me,
and not so much 'straining toward' but 'leaning into' what is ahead.

I'll be keeping my eyes fixed.
I'll be claiming the promises of the Father.
Join me?

'My child, I love you,
and as long as you're seeking my face,
You'll walk in the power of my daily, sufficient grace.'
(Laura Story)

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