Saturday, 13 August 2016

On asking for prayer.

We've spent 4 hours in the car today.
We'll be repeating the same journey next Saturday as it's that time of year again.
The time when teens and twenties give up weeks of their Summer,
just to make a difference in the life of a child.

This isn't some fancy camp.
No amazing excursions, trips out or extended time off.
This is a tough gig.
A camp for children from really hard circumstances who come for fun,
a glimpse of love and life as they've never experienced it before.

As we dropped off our middle son,
our eldest son ran to meet us for one of those hugs that you think will never end.
A hug that says a thousand words that you don't have.
A hug that you hold until some of the strain starts to disperse.

As he whispered in my ear,
he told just a few things he'd experienced this last week.

And as a Mother I'm torn between the pride I feel at my sons,
and the other young people who are on the staff,
who give of themselves over and over;
Work tirelessly.

And wanting to take them home,
wrap them up,
and shield them from the tougher side of life
that they have seen this week,
and will surely see over the next seven days.

But they are no longer children.
They are young men.
And as I left them this afternoon
I am filled with awe at what they have committed to,
along with their friends,
and the rest of the staff.

As I drove through the roadworks on the A21
I felt a stirring to pray for them myself,
but also rally some support
for what they are expecting will be
an even more difficult week
than the last.

I believe in the power of prayer.
I'm praying that
'My God will supply all their needs;
(physically, emotionally, spiritually)
according to His riches in Christ Jesus,'

Will you join me?
If you're willing to pray for them,
please comment on the Facebook post so they can see.
Maybe tell them what you are praying for them this week.
Let's give them a treasure-trove to dip into when they are flagging.
Thank you my friends.

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