Sunday, 12 June 2016

On not being a volunteer

We had a celebration at our church this morning.
In the event formerly known as 'Volunteers Day'
we invited everyone who contributes
to the life and ministry of Harlow Salvation Army,
to come to a service and lunch.

It was great.
We had seven people who had never been to worship before.

But it was a tricky one.
The issue of people not wanting to be known as 'Volunteers'
led to the re-naming of The Salvation Army.

I wanted everyone to know they were appreciated.
The bandsman who helped plant the corps 59 years ago,
The person who's been helping at lunch club for 4 weeks.
The lady from the charity shop.
The grandchildren who were remembering a terrible anniversary.

The commissioned,
the warranted,
the called,
the enrolled,
the unravelled,
the attenders,
the worshippers.

Those who serve because of faith.
Those who act because they want to make a difference.
All coming together in the beautiful mess that is church.

A church that wouldn't exist in the same way if they weren't there.
A church that is church, whatever day it happens, because God is present.
A church full of imperfect people who love each other and who love Jesus.

So what about you?
Are you a member?
Are you a volunteer?
Does it matter?

I hope it doesn't.

I hope you know how valued you are as part of God's family.

Be blessed.
Be a blessing.

'Every time you cross my mind, I break out in exclamations of thanks to God.
Each exclamation is a trigger to prayer'

Philippians 1:3

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Anonymous said...

I do it because someone needs to. Why not me? I don't expect recognition but do have a sense of being pushed to make my words actions. Thank you Karen.