Monday, 12 October 2015

In search of the perfect coffee

Chris and I went for a coffee this morning.
It was a nice little cafe in a place we hadn't been before.
We were pleased to see flat-whites on the menu.
Described underneath as a double-shot espresso with frothy milk.

I ordered a skinny one...
A token gesture...

There was a young girl being trained,
She was told it was a 'bald cappucino' 
with no chocolate or biscuit.

It sounded fairly accurate...
"Except it's double-shot"
I added helpfully.

"Not here it's not.
We do our own version."

I kindly pointed out the menu.
She stood corrected, never having noticed this phenomena before...

When it arrived it was a very strong coffee
with a teeny bit of milk
and what looked like a teeny froth of skinny milk.
I'm beginning to wonder if it was something else entirely
You hear such stories of the practices of disgruntled waiters...

Apparently their version doesn't include a frothy top.
But we had a nice lunch
I even left a tip.

But as I left I was thinking
Can they have such a thing as their own version?
Do my consumer rights mean they have to give me what I reasonably expect?
Or at least what it says on their menu.

After wandering around the town for half an hour 
we went to the place we knew made flat-whites perfectly.
Despite the name of the chain it didn't Costa lot as I had points.

Perfectly made, 
Perfectly free,

The perfect flat-white

We live in an uncertain world.
Things often don't turn out the way we think.
Or hope.
Or dream.

Yet there is a Saviour who died once
for all
for us.

True love perfectly made,
perfectly free,


The LORD is loving and merciful, 
slow to become angry 
and full of constant love, 
He is good to everyone 
and has compassion on all he made.
Psalm 145:8

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