Monday, 27 July 2015

The role of July will be played by April

Everything changes they say.
The only certainty in life is that nothing stays the same.

In recent weeks our family has changed

Stress levels are surprisingly low.
But we are tired.
Our brains are fried from information overload.
And in the thrill of meeting new people
We shed the occasional, silent tear for those we miss.

We are going to a funeral today.
Saying farewell to a lady who loved life.
She had a beautiful smile
An infectious giggle.
And a rather naughty sense of humour at times.
(I love that in a person.)

Life will never be the same for those who loved her.
A guilty relief at less responsibility,
which gives more time,
feels bittersweet when we lose those we love.

We long to see their smile...
Hear their voice...
Feel their touch...

Just one more time.

So I'm praying for those who mourn today.
My arms are ready to embrace
with a hug that says a thousand words when words fail.

But I'm praying for the arms of the changeless one
to hold all who need Him.
Especially today.

May we know His presence
His power
His peace
In the ever-changing scenes of life.

Moment by moment He's got this.
He's got us.
He's gone before.

Trust Him.

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