Sunday, 8 March 2015

I believe.

This past fortnight has been a tough one.
In the aftermath, these are my thoughts:

I believe that God,
Father God,
Loves me supremely,

He understands us when humans misunderstand.
He values us when we are un-valued.
He represents us when we are misrepresented.

I believe God speaks through the Bible.
Through other people
Through my heart and my mind.

I believe that God can
And often does
Redeem everything.
But that doesn't mean we should settle for less than the best.

I believe that humans make mistakes.
When we do,
We should admit it,
Say sorry
And move on.

I believe that God works in our lives over periods of time.
He prepares us for what lies ahead.
He gives us courage.
He whispers words of love,
And hope,
Through the storm.

I believe that God fights for us,
as people,
as individuals,
as a family,
and not just for our situations.

I believe that wounds from friendly fire
Cut deeper than those of enemy fire.

I believe that God is healer.
He soothes our pain and calms our fears.

I believe that bystander apathy is a natural response.
But there comes a time when we should have the courage to voice our concerns on behalf of the hurting.

I believe that truth always rises to the surface.
And silence,
Speaks volumes.

I believe that God sees our distress,
and sends his ministering angels in the form of friends and family.

They listen
Send gifts
Send scripture
Cook roasts
Send texts
And send chocolate.

Thank you my friends.

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