Thursday, 27 November 2014

On offering to help.

I often offer to help people.
I guess you do too.
It goes with the territory I suppose.

Often I'm not taken up on the offer.
And it ends with a
'You know where I am if you need me.'
And the ball is in their court.
And I can be satisfied that I've offered.
Sort of.

And then there are times when what I'm asked to do
Is not quite what I had in mind
And it kind of spoils my plans
And things don't really turn out as I'd hoped.

My favourite way of helping usually involves coffee
And cake
And a listening ear.

But sometimes...
It's not about me;
What I want
What I'd like
And more about just getting on with what's required.

I joke with the boys and say
'Just do it for Jesus.'
He knows.
He sees.
He understands we'd rather be doing something else.
And it's ok to feel that way.

I guess my point is I need to embrace the whole of my life,
My work,
for what it is...

A gift.

Even if some of it comes in the socks and hankies category.

'For everything there is a season,
And a time for every purpose under heaven.'
Ecclesiastes 3:1

Thursday, 20 November 2014

On writing blog posts

I've had a couple of people ask where my blog posts are.
The truth is I'm not sure.

These past months have been a time of healing

And the writing has been a bit side-lined.
Maybe because some of it is too personal to share publicly...
Maybe because God has been speaking to me so directly I fear ridicule or disbelief....
Or maybe in this season the writing is not as urgent as once it was.

Not because I don't have things to say
But because I have so much to say I don't know where to begin.

So here are the truths I see at the moment:

God directs our paths
Our days, our months, our years
In ways I cannot begin to comprehend
But am utterly in awe of.

God, who begins a good work in us, will bring it to completion.
Maybe not today
Maybe not tomorrow
But someday.

God can be trusted
With my children
My life
My hopes
My dreams.

God is the one who ransoms

He loves me.
More fully than anything I can ask or imagine.

He's got me.