Friday, 22 August 2014

Acts of Remembrance

It's 2 years today since Dad left this world.
We decided as a family that we wouldn't make a big thing of special dates.

We miss our loved ones every day.
We talk,
And think about them.
And we thank God for them.

They left us a legacy of faith
And love in many forms.

On Tuesday this week we walked the Gower Coastal Path.
It has stunning views and is a place Dad lived and worked.

I found it quite emotional.
Spending time in 'The land of my Fathers'
A pilgrimage of sorts.

As we laughed with friends,
Paused to take breath,
And wonder at the beauty of creation,
I thanked God for my Dad,
And my Grandad,
And my in-laws,

The truth is we miss them all the time.
I'm not sure time makes their absence easier.

I wish they could share in our lives now as the boys grow older.

I don't believe they can see our every move.
Heaven forbid!
But I think that somehow they know...

And are proud.

I guess our act of remembrance is carrying on.
Knowing they are in a better place.
Taking a day at a time.
Trusting the future is in God's hands.

Love you.
Miss you.

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