Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Lent:Variations on a theme

A note to the Father

Reasons why I love you No. 10,001

You take me on these journeys.

You see me in my anger
my sense of injustice,
my muddledness,

And you suggest we go for a walk.

And I still feel cross,

And you don't say much.

You just listen while I shout.
And you let me cry.

Then we sit in the silence

And we listen to the birds
And the wind in the trees
And I cry some more.

And gently you remind me of my tendency to want everything fixed
before I give thanks.

That because I want a solution to something,
I fail to thank you for all the other stuff


Marshmallow clouds

The wind in my hair
Light and shade on the ground
The radio
Birds dive-bombing into the water then using their feet like water-skis
Green hedgerows

And 'in everything give thanks' isn't another stick to beat ourselves with.

Because Ann Voskamp is right,
'Eucharisteo (thankfulness) does precede the miracle.'

The miracle of realising that no, life isn't perfect.
In fact it's far from that.

But in the muck and mess that often accompanies my life,
I can still find you.

You are in all

and through all.

Thank you.

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