Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Taking up for Lent.

How many pancakes have you had?
I only cooked about 20 this year
But I had one boy less at home
And no competition to see who could eat the most.

Tomorrow, I'm sure you know is the start of Lent.
I've seen plenty of statusses telling the world what they're giving up.
But you know I'm not sure that's what's required...

Is God glorified by us not eating chocolate?
Or whatever?
And isn't it something between us and God anyway?

Yesterday during my few hours retreat
I was encouraged to think about taking something up for Lent.
Last year I embarked on 40 days of feasting.
You can read about it in my archive should you so desire...
But the thing I keep coming back to is the idea of decluttering.

Those of you who know me well,
will know I'm not the most ordered of people.
And some parts of our house are full of clutter.

But I also think my life might benefit from a bit of a declutter too.

So here's the deal.
Every day during Lent I'm going to declutter something.
Either physically, emotionally or spiritually.
It will help me prepare my heart and mind for Easter.
A kind of Spring Cleaning for the mind as well as the home.

What about you?
Anyone fancy joining me?
At least this way we still get to eat chocolate!


I'm Deborah said...

Hey Karen..... I'll be doing something similar, partly through necessity (moving around the world has that kind of effect), but also because de-cluttering helps me breathe more deeply and seems to clear space in my head too! I read a blog post by a lady I met in Oz who is doing 40 bags in 40 days..... every day during lent she gifts, recycles, throws away or otherwise 'moves on' a bag of 'stuff' from her home...... I think this sounds like a good idea for me this year! Blessings friend, Dx

Karen Sandford said...

Hi Deborah thanks for dropping by!
That blog sounds great.
Could you send me the link please?