Sunday, 23 February 2014

Just do it!

I remembered today,
the person that first encouraged me to blog.

When I reminded her
she made me laugh, as she'd forgotten.
Not that there's any reason she should remember,

One throw-away encouragement from her
has literally changed my life.

I didn't know if I could
Or should

But her telling me to give it a go
proved to be the push I needed.
And here I am
97 posts later!

We never know where our words will lead.
So go on!
Make that call,
Send that text,
Have that chat.

It may seem inconsequential
or insignificant to you.

But your investment in that person
could change their lives forever.

Nothing is ever wasted.
The time and energy we spend on people
may not bring about the result we'd hoped for.
But we never know the impact we have.

To quote the Nike swoosh
Just do it!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thank you :) And it was a teacher at School, whilst on my morning visits, that has encouraged me to blog again - although I do this everyday on my 365project. I have also noticed today that my Divsional Family Officer, Liz Hall, has returned to blogging. You know people belong to a book club maybe we could start a blogging club! I nominate you as Chair :))))

Liz's blog is and there is no dot after www