Sunday, 23 February 2014

Just do it! A postscript

I went to my home church today.
The Salvation Army world can be a very small one at times,
And oddly my son's girlfriend Megan, and her family
attend the church Chris and I left in 1991
to train for full-time ministry
within The Salvation Army.

Today we went to witness Megan
committing her life to God as a member of The Salvation Army.

I sat in the congregation and looked around me.
There were so many there who had impacted my life:

The man who taught me to play trombone
The woman who had invested a lot of time in me as a teenager,
then as a young married woman.
There were the couple who had made us part of their family life.
We looked after their three boys,
Never thinking that one day we'd have three boys of our own.

There were people who had encouraged me,
Laughed with me,
Hugged me,
Prayed with me,
Cried with me.

Then there were my peers,
and those who I'd taught in Sunday School.
Youth that had spent time at our house
and just hanging out together.

They now have their place in the church.
They are the ones who teach the Sunday School,
Who lead the youth,
Who run the toddler groups,
And are part of the life and community of the church.

And so it continues...

And we never know...

What our time,
Our smile,
Our prayers,
Our encouragement,
will mean to others.

Megan shone today.
She glows God in a way that was beautiful to see.
Her vibrant faith was evident in every word she spoke,
In front of her family,
Her friends,
Her peers.

She said that we would never know what we'd done
to help her in her journey of faith,
that in many ways is just beginning.

So let's do it.

Let's chat,
And laugh,
And cry,
And encourage,
And pray for each other.

God has a way of using it all for good.

Just do it!

I remembered today,
the person that first encouraged me to blog.

When I reminded her
she made me laugh, as she'd forgotten.
Not that there's any reason she should remember,

One throw-away encouragement from her
has literally changed my life.

I didn't know if I could
Or should

But her telling me to give it a go
proved to be the push I needed.
And here I am
97 posts later!

We never know where our words will lead.
So go on!
Make that call,
Send that text,
Have that chat.

It may seem inconsequential
or insignificant to you.

But your investment in that person
could change their lives forever.

Nothing is ever wasted.
The time and energy we spend on people
may not bring about the result we'd hoped for.
But we never know the impact we have.

To quote the Nike swoosh
Just do it!

Monday, 10 February 2014

Five Minute Friday: Write

Last Friday's prompt word was WRITE.

When I was preaching yesterday's sermon,
I realised I'd written a poem as part of it.

It's based on John 1
And as it's the first poem I've written for as long as I can remember,
Here it is as my Five Minute Friday post.

In the beginning, God.
Right here and now, God.

Creating everything.
Every person,
Every life,


Every circumstance,
Every conversation
created by Him.

Nothing without Him.

In Him is life.

All life.
My life.
Your life.


That life brings light.

And I know the darkness too well.
It walks the road beside me.

So bring me to the Light.

Let me see the Light.
Let me walk in the light.
Let me feel the light.

And that light?

The light shines in the darkness.

And the darkness?

Oh, the darkness...

It can never put it out.
Has not understood it.
Can never extinguish it.
Has never overcome,
or appropriated it.

The Life-Light blazed
out of the darkness;
and the darkness

So The Word,



Every time!