Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Morning moments.

I have a free day today.

I had a frantic P.E.kit-needing phone call at 08.04am
But still...
For now
The candles are lit.
Jesus is here.
And I'm still.

And my mind feels like the inside
of an old-fashioned printing press.
The cogs are moving
The wheels are turning
And I imagine bells
And whistles
And probably steam.

And how do I get rid of that?
How do I call a halt when the workings of my mind feel physical?
When it feels like hard, hard work to calm it?
When being still is not just physical
but emotional
and mental?

We went for a walk yesterday
me and my man.
And we had one of our 'prayer-moments'
as we walked.
I prayed as the wind was howling
And battering us
Almost lifting us off our feet.

And as I prayed
for peace
and calm in our family life,
the song started.

The one in my heart that had spoken volumes to me
when I had no idea of how strong storms could be
And no inkling of life as I knew it being snatched away.

My soul be still.
And do not fear
though winds of change may rage tomorrow....

You are my God.
And I will trust in you
and not be shaken.

Lord of peace
Renew a steadfast spirit within me
That rests
In You

Ann Voskamp asks:
"Are you a Jesus-user?
Or a Jesus-adorer?

When who Jesus is overwhelms you
nothing that happens can overcome you.

Just be with Jesus
Listen to Jesus
Rest in Jesus
Wait for Jesus
Be loved by Jesus
Wonder over Jesus
Live through Jesus."

"Do you not realise that Christ is in you?"
2 Corinthians 13:5

Only Jesus.
All I am
And have
And ever hope to be.

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