Monday, 20 January 2014

Blooming Monday!

Today has been given the name Blue Monday.
But it will be forever known as Blooming Monday around these parts.

Today I have come clean to some of my closest friends
that the depression that comes again and again in my life
is lurking like a dementor at the moment,
And has been for about six weeks.

I hadn't told them because you can say what you like
Until you're blue in the face
Every time it comes again
I feel I've failed
That their high-maintenance friend needs them
And I wouldn't blame them if they'd had enough.
Lord knows, I have.

But I want to tell you a few things about this
Blooming Monday.

No it's not been the best of days.
Yes things have gone wrong
Quite a few actually.

But I'm sat writing
Wrapped in TWO prayer shawls
That friends lovingly created
And prayed into for me

And I'm remembering that today...

I've seen the sea
And heard the waves
And eaten jam doughnuts
And been given beautiful flowers by the love of my life.

I've watched a film
And had dinner made for me
And my son has just brought me a cup of tea
With chocolate!

And as I feel the gentle warmth of the shawls
So the truth seeps into my soul

That I am loved

And cherished

And I will get through this

And that God knows

And moment by moment
He has lovingly planned every inch of the way.

My trust need not falter though the path is steep.

So Blue Monday has been Blooming Monday
Not least because hope can bloom anywhere.


Anonymous said...

love, thoughts and prayers xx

Karen Sandford said...

Thanks Judy x

Jani said...

Your honesty fed my soul Karen. Be blessed as you bless others.