Thursday, 5 December 2013

Let's hear it for the boys!

I had to bite my tongue today.

I was in the hairdressers
And the lady next to me,
And her stylist,
Spent about half an hour
Talking about men.

Apparently the secret of her long marriage is pretending.
She pretends she needs her husband to do things.
She pretends she's not strong enough.
If she wants something to happen she plants the seeds
And pretends he's really clever to think of such a thing.

Half an hour earlier I overheard a group of women congratulating a poor, helpless workman
On his ability to multi-task.


Come on girls we can do better than that!

Now I know they're not perfect by a long stretch
But then neither are we.

Most men I know are decent human beings.
They love well.
They think for themselves.
They work hard to help provide for people who depend on them.
They may not always be able to multi-task, but sometimes I wish I didn't.

I'm not trivializing the reality for many women throughout the world
who are being beaten
and tortured
and downtrodden in a patriarchal society.
Who have no rights except those that men afford them.
We need to keep fighting that war on every front.

But we live in a civilized society.

I live in a male-dominated household,
And this is not what I want for my sons.

Women have striven for equality for decades,
But if the oppressed have become the oppressors
That doesn't make for a better world.

So come on.
Give them a break.
Let's hear it for the boys!

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