Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Advent: On feeling the fear

I went for an Advent Quiet Day today.
For guidance we were given the four songs of Advent.

The Angels

They all sang praises to God.

Songs of assurance
Of faith
Of hope
Of trust.

But there was something else that I noticed today.
In every case
Fear preceded the song.
Fear preceded the blessing.
In every case they were told,
"Don't be afraid".

One of my hang overs from my illness and loss is fear.
I can still do ministry.
I can still lead worship.
I can still go into new situations.
But fear grips me.
I feel anxious
And tearful
And afraid.

But God reminded me today
That feeling afraid is part of what makes us human.
It brings the 'fight or flight' response in us.
It's ok to feel afraid.
I don't need to be ashamed of it.
But fear needn't cripple me.

God has already fought the fight for me.
When I am weak
He is strong.

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