Tuesday, 26 November 2013

On being surprised....again.

Well you've done it again.
And every time it takes me by surprise.
And how quickly I forget

Until I come into your presence with intent
And you meet me
And love me
And strengthen me
And bless me beyond my imaginings
Again and again.

As I list your gifts...
The little things in my life...
My spirit leaps within me.

And something
Bubbles up from within.

And you're here
And you're now
And you love
How you love...

Gratitude turns my heart to you.
And mechanical lists of the mundane
Become prayers of thanks.

And I'm surprised
Over and over by the same thing.

That you're here
That you're now
And you love
How you love.

And you meet me
And love me
And strengthen me
And bless me beyond my imaginings
Again and again.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

A Pilgrimage of Promises

I had a free day to myself yesterday.
I promised myself I could do whatever I wanted.
The only rule was I had to do it alone.

Now I love people.
I love sharing chat
And laughs
And coffee
And food
And more chat.

But yesterday was to be different.
Yesterday was my day for alone-time with Jesus.
A whole day without interruptions
Doing whatever I liked

But with Jesus.

When the rain cleared
And I saw the azure sky
And the brilliant sunshine
I decided to start up Reigate Hill.

I knew there were trees
And wide open spaces
And spectacular views
And there was Jesus.

We shared a lot, He and I.
There was intense prayer
And tears
And an overwhelming sense of being loved.

He reminded me that he is Healer.
And he took me to a place where 6 months previously
I had known deep, deep distress.

He reminded me that in that distress
I gained courage
And self-worth
And confidence
And his plan for my future was realised just a few days later.

And he told me that the rains were past
And spring was coming
And turtle-doves would be singing.
And I started singing the old song by Vera Lynn that I'd heard
'quite by accident' at the weekend.

"There'll be bluebirds over the white cliffs of Dover
tomorrow just you wait and see.
There'll be love and laughter and joy ever after
tomorrow, when the world is free"

And there were tears
Of relief
And disbelief
And healing
And as I walked through the copse
And out the other side
I saw a view that I hadn't seen before.
It was bright
It was beautiful
And it stretched as far as my eye could see.

I learnt many things from Jesus today.
My first photographic blog is on the way...
But when I read God's promise to me
in it's place in Song of Songs 2:10-13
the tears pricked my eyelids again.

"Rise up my darling!
Come away with me, my fair one!
Look, the winter is past
And the rains are over and gone.
The flowers are springing up,
the season of singing birds has come
And the cooing of turtledoves fills the air.
The fig trees are forming young fruit,
and the grapevines are blossoming.
Rise up my darling!
Come away with me, my fair one"

God's. Promise. IS. For. ME.
His daughter.
His darling.
His fair one.
Such love.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Five Minute Friday: Grace

I love the word Grace.
If I'd had a little girl I wanted to call her Charis, which is grace in Greek.
But I didn't have a girl.
And Charis Sandford has too many s's.

But I digress.

I would love to be graceful.
To glide when I walk instead of clomp.
To have that aura of serenity that people have.
Especially tall people
Who are also slim
And have long legs
I hate them already!

And there lies the rub.

I do suffer a bit from the green eyed monster.

I realised last week that I'm great at weeping with those who weep.

But rejoicing with those who rejoice I struggle with sometimes

Especially if they seem to live a charmed life.
And are tall
And slim
With long legs
And are graceful...

You see??

The phrase "full of grace and truth" has been on my mind today.
I thought it described Mary, 
but it describes Jesus coming into the world.

The Word became flesh
And dwelt among us 
Full of grace and truth.

Oh to be like Him!
Full of grace and truth.