Friday, 25 October 2013

Five Minute Friday: Together

It's Friday. That day where we write for the pure joy of writing.
Then we link up here
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Today's prompt is TOGETHER

"We're all in this together
One sweet note that we are, we're all stars..."

I can still do the dance routine.
The one we learnt as a team
Ready to share with the children coming to camp.
There's a togetherness that comes from sharing that kind of experience.
When sleep is scarce
But laughs are abundant
And God-moments come from all kinds of places.

And this week I remembered another kind of togetherness.
The links between fellow-travellers
The connectedness
The encouragement
The sharing
The prayers

The tears that spring to eyes as I remembered
We truly are all in this together
We Jesus-followers
We Salvationists
We officers who form "the leadership team of The Salvation Army."

We know...
The joys
The sorrows
The pain
The blessings
The hardships
The loneliness
The camaraderie
The in-jokes

We know that God has promised never to leave us.
We're all in this together.

High School Musical anyone?

3 comments: said...

Hey, visiting from Five Minute Friday. Not a Highschool Musical person, but I can definitely identify with sharing the togetherness in travelling and great experiences. Thanks for sharing!

Clair said...

I love your intro and the journey your thoughts take. We truly are together- those who look to a higher power and fight for good. So many connections we may find we have with a stranger-- like on your travels. Great post.

Mary Hill said...

Hi, I love your poetic prose on togetherness today. I especially love your thought: God-moments come from all kinds of places. inspiring. Thank you.

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