Monday, 16 September 2013

How do you do it?

A plastic measuring jug made me cry today.
You know how cheap and nasty they can be.
Actually it wasn't the jug's fault,
More a combination of straws and camels.

The day started at Frankie & Benny's.
I love a breakfast meeting
All that list making over eggs and bacon.
This one was with Ryan and Chris.
Our last free day together before Ryan goes to Uni.
Lots to accomplish;
And the realisation for me that my first-born
Is really and truly flying the nest.

I left them in PC World buying a laptop
And went on to Sainsburys to do the food shop.
I can never resist a wander round their home dept
And it was there I found a fleece throw.
That's its official title.
In reality I thought it could go on his bed at uni.
In case he gets chilly, officially.

In my mind it's soft and warm and comforting
In case he's a bit homesick.
And as I rested it against my face I was instantly transported to 1994
And my precious boy was snuggled up in his blanket
In my arms
Heartbeat to heartbeat
Cheek to cheek
Breath on breath

I did the shopping with a lump in my throat.
And on the way out remembered about the jug.
The price of 49p thrilled me!
But it was the final straw

You see
I know about the roots and wings
I know that love gives freedom to those we love
I know it's a rite of passage
I know we've raised an independent young man who can fend for himself.
I know he can even use the washing machine
I know he can cook ish
I know he'll be fine
What I don't know is this....

How on earth can you bear to let them go?

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