Friday, 20 September 2013

Five Minute Friday: She

It's Friday.
The day we link up at Lisa-Jo's place.
Today's prompt is SHE.

She used to be a dancer
That girl over there.

Not ballet or tap
But in worship.

She never knew she could until someone saw potential
And asked the question
And the rest
As they say is history.

She loved the way it made her feel

And when she danced
She danced for the Father
Who knew her
Saw her
Loved her

She danced alone
In small groups
On small stages
And once at a top London venue

But still for Him
Always for Him

She never hung up her dancing shoes because she never had any.
But it all stopped after a while
New roles
and new responsibilities took their place.

And now that dancer is wrapped in layers
Of motherhood
And chocolate
And life.

She used to be a dancer
That girl in the mirror.

She dances rarely now.
But when she does she smiles
And laughs
And sings along.
And catches a glimpse of a future day
When the music will start
And she'll dance in the arms of the Father
Who still knows
Still sees
Still loves.


Jennifer Peterson said...

Beautiful!! Love this Karen and so glad we are neighbors!! I have enjoyed reading your posts on fb too!! Favorite line- and she dance in the arms of her Father!!!

Dena said...

Awww! I'm a dancer too - a ballet dancer. But I haven't danced for the Lord. Not good enough? Too scared to dance in front of the congregation... BUT, your post gave me a little nudge. Maybe, just maybe... Thank you! Peace & Blessings, Dena @

Karen Sandford said...

Thank you! Love getting to know you too x

Karen Sandford said...

Of course you've danced for the Lord, just not in church! I'd love to have done ballet. Have considered one of those adult ballet classes but I think I'm the wrong shape! Thank you xx