Friday, 23 August 2013

Five Minute Friday: Last

Last year
On this day
We lost my Dad.

His heart failed
And he was gone.

Today feels strange.
I have tried to be normal.
But inside I feel numb.
Walking around like a zombie.
Struggling to answer straightforward questions.
Mind anywhere but where it's supposed to be.

It won't last.
I know this.
But today is a day of intense emotion
Vivid memories
And the painful reality that Dad is no more.

But his love
His voice that I can still hear in my head
His smile
His laugh
His big bear hugs
Every good memory I have of him
These are the things that will last.

"Weeping may endure (last) for a night...
Joy comes in the morning."


Ria said...

What a beautiful tribute to your dad. Praying God will give you strength for this day and the days to come. ((hugs))

SingleMomBomb said...

I'm sorry it's a tough day. But it sounds like you've got some beautiful "lasts" from him to carry froward.

Denise said...

Praying for you dear.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing Karen, I lost my dad suddenly, his heart failed this past October, it hasn't been a year yet. But I know it will get better, and I too focus on the memories that will last.