Friday, 28 June 2013

Five Minute Friday: In Between

I wore red lipstick today.
I know!

Apparently red lipstick suits everyone.
And we reserved types aren't bold enough with our lipstick.

I read it in a magazine.
In an article about women in their forties
Under the heading
"Don't tell me I can't...."

It's meant to be empowering.
And give us confidence.

I usually wear a kind of browny, bronzey colour.
Sometimes with a bit of pink gloss added for special occasions.

You have to remember I was brought up in The Salvation Army.
And in the old days we weren't allowed to wear make-up with our uniform.

So of course we didn't...

Actually it was a good lesson in how to apply make-up so it looks natural

Back to the red lipstick.
I wore it out for coffee with a friend.
But when I re-touched it just before Joel's prom photos
I wiped it off again.

I like my brown lipstick.
I like the idea of red...
But maybe I need something in between.

And the article in the magazine got me thinking in ways beyond the lipstick.

"Don't tell me I can't"

Live my life as God's child

Going all out for Him

Being the woman he designed me to be.

Circumstances may leave me feeling like I live in an in-between kind of place

But I am His

And He is mine.


Piano_Jo said...

.. bought with the precious blood of Christ. Clever linking in of the blood red lipstick too.
Lovely to meet over from Lisa-Jo's

Karen Sandford said...

Thank you! Good link to In Christ Alone too. Love that song x