Friday, 7 June 2013

Five Minute Friday: Fall

On Fridays there are a group of us who write just for the joy of writing.
No editing. Just write. This week's prompt is Fall

You know when something just doesn't feel right?
When you put your faith in something or someone but you feel you're not being heard?

There must be more than this?

All these months and years of trusting, and obedience, and this is it?

You know when it feels like maybe you're being set up for a fall?
I'm sure that's not the case but it makes no sense.

Well that was me.

I thought

I prayed

I questioned

I shouted

I cried

And God said
(Again through a friend)
"Whatever happens. I won't let you fall."

And He hasn't.

(To be continued....)

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