Friday, 17 May 2013

Five Minute Friday: Song

It's our Silver Wedding Anniversary on Tuesday.
25 years.

I told someone the other day and she gasped,
and said, "You don't look old enough"
Which is absolutely the right response.

We're having a few friends over next Friday night to celebrate.
There will be food
And dancing
And fun
And song.

'Our song' to be precise.
As we met in the 80's,
Our song is 'Solid' (Ashford and Simpson).

It's the song we used to dance to at parties.
It's the song that made us laugh.
It's the song we always talk about when reminiscing.

Our 25 years together hasn't been perfect
You won't be surprised to hear that.

There has been much joyful song.

But sometimes the notes have turned dischordant.

Sometimes we've sung in a minor key.

More recently we have sung songs of lament.

But to mis-quote Gloria Gaynor
We have survived.
We're still standing (Elton John)
And we're still singing from the same hymn sheet.

So Chris,
If you read this.

Thank you for always being there.
For being a wonderful father to our three boys.
For being my protector.
My defender.
My clown.
My friend.

I love you.
And look forward to making more beautiful music with you!

That was then!

This is now!


sian said...


dayebydaye said...

Oh, this is so lovely in all of it's honesty! Happy anniversary and thank you for this BEAUTIFUL post!

Christy Willard said...

Congrats on 25 years! Every year is worth celebrating! I love your misquote, too, and that you're still singing from the same hymn sheet. :)

Christy @ A Heartening Life

Karen Sandford said...

Thanks Sian x

Karen Sandford said...

Thank you so much x

Karen Sandford said...

Thank you! It does feel like a real achievement :)

Anonymous said...


Karen Sandford said...

Thank you!

Boni Lady said...

Congratulations on 25 years! That is amazing! We just hit 11 years and time has just flown! Can't wait to get to 25...and 50 years together! You are a beautiful couple!

BARBIE said...

Congratulations! We will celebrate #25 in August. Have a wonderful celebration.

karen corps said...

Congratulations, can't really believe it was that long ago that I saw you that morning, you looked lovely and radiant , many more years to come. We have our 19 years the day before on Monday, so hopefully in a few years we will be celebrating the same xxx

Karen Sandford said...

I remember when we first got married, someone I worked with had been married 5 yrs. Seemed like ages! Thank you!

Karen Sandford said...

Thank you and congratulations to you too x

Karen Sandford said...

Happy Anniversary to you too Karen x

Susan Wood said...

Happy anniversary - congratulations! May God continue to bless your marriage xxx