Tuesday, 23 April 2013

In praise of trampolining.

I've just been on the trampoline.

It's not great practice for a woman in her mid 40's who has given birth to three children.
But I managed to escape without a mishap...

Back to the trampoline.
It's 10ft and it dominates our garden.
In some ways it's too big.
But it offers so many possibilities.

Today for instance:

Chris has been on it as part of his toning up for summer regime.
This is serious stuff.
I watched intently...

The eldest two boys and a friend spent half an hour on it while I sat close by.

And in that time,
We laughed
they played

they chatted
we chatted

we shared 'stuff'
we planned
we laughed.

A bit later
Our youngest worked out some of his angst on it.
It's tough being 11.
Then he smiled
And we laughed

I joined him,
We chatted.

I bounced,
He laughed.

And there we were.

Sharing life
Sharing love
Around a big bouncy thing in the garden.

And I was reminded that all is Grace.
It's not about where we are
What we are doing
What we plan or facilitate.

It's about being.
And in that place
God is.

I love my boys.
I love the men they're becoming.
I love listening to them as they try to work out their place in the world.

More than that I love that God is here.
Right in the thick of it.
Bouncing on the trampoline as we speak.

All is grace.

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