Friday, 22 March 2013

40 Days of Feasting: A new haircut

I went to a new hairdresser yesterday.
To appreciate the full significance of this you'll need to read my previous post here

Actually I'd been there once before.
They send me a text periodically with offers.
Money is tight and my hair a bit unruly,
so I took them up on the offer of 50% off.

When I arrived they brought me coffee.
In a cafetiere!
On a tray!
And the piece de resistance?
Two of my favourite chocolates.

Hannah, the stylist had cut my hair the last time,
so when she asked what I wanted, I knew she'd do a good job.

As we talked I decided to mix things up a bit.
After 30 years with a side parting and a fringe that sweeps across...
I now have a centre-parting....
And a full fringe....

In my previous post about my hairdresser I wrote in praise of knowing and being known.
But you know sometimes....
Change can be a good thing.
Sometimes it's good to do things differently.

As we approach Holy Week
And the end of my 40 days of Feasting
We're on the verge of change.

This change could be huge.
It could impact more than just us, but our family too.

But you know....?
I think it's going to be ok.

Palm Sunday to Good Friday and on into Easter Day
Brought massive changes for Jesus,
For His family, especially his Mother,
And for his disciples.

The tide turned very quickly from shouts of Hosanna
to Crucify Him!

But ultimately it was ok.
God had it all in hand.
When Jesus sweat drops of blood in the Garden
Asking His Father to change the plan
He knew it would be ok
Agonizing though it was

So He was able to say
I'll do it...
Because I know it's your will for me.

I wonder if God has things he wants to say to me over the next few days?
I wonder if he has things to tell you?
Change can be good.
Trust Him.

PS (Added a day later.)
I saw my Aunty today.
We now have the same haircut.
It's ok because she's cool and only 14yrs older than me.
So much for radical change....

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