Wednesday, 13 February 2013

40 days of Feasting.

It's the first day of Lent today.
That will be why I cooked 37 pancakes last night.
Yes just for the 5 of us, Ryan & Nathan were having a competition.

I had the obligatory thoughts about what, if anything, I should give up...
Chocolate, cakes, biscuits, the usual suspects.

But after a chat with someone this morning I've decided to arrive at Easter by a different route this year.

Instead of giving up something I enjoy ie. chocolate,
Why don't I give up thinking that I have to put myself through it?
Why don't I give up using words such as ought, and should, and their opposites?
Why don't I give up feeling guilty about things I don't need to?
Why don't I give up viewing chocolate as something that should be forbidden because I'm overweight?

Why don't I start making time to read what I really want to read?
To be quiet when I have nothing to say?
To pray when I want to speak to the one who loves me best of all?
To rest when I need to rest?

Does that sound selfish?

Be honest.

Is it ok for you to let me do these things, but selfish if you were to do these, or their equivalents yourself?

Someone told me again today, that you have to have a sense of self in order to be self-ish.
Is it just me, or do you sometimes lose your sense of self too?

It's easy to do.
Especially if we have
people to minister to,
people to pray with, and for,
people who need our help.

So that's where I am on this first day of Lent.
Instead of 40 days of Fasting,
I'm embarking on 40 days of Feasting.
Not necessarily on food, though that may feature.
But more to give myself a break.
To discover again who I am 'in Christ'.
To draw closer to Jesus who, in the wilderness, drew closer to his Father,
and, it could be argued, discovered again who He was, and why He was there.

I'm done with beating myself up, or giving others that privilege.
I'm claiming my inheritance now.
I am God's Princess.
Let the Feasting begin!

Join me on the journey?
I have no idea where I'm going with this.
But I'd be glad of the company.

What are you going to give up, in order to give yourself a break?
Please comment or leave your details as a follower of this blog (Top right corner)
so we can journey together!


Anonymous said...

"I'm done with beating myself up, or giving others that privilege.
I am God's Princess.
Let the Feasting begin!" Love this, Karen! Let the feasting begin...absolutely!

Karen Sandford said...

Thank you. Not sure yet what form that will take but looking forward to finding out!