Tuesday, 1 January 2013

One word

I love being on twitter.
The combination of people I follow make me smile,
laugh, cry, pray,
and want to punch something.
I have also linked up with wonderful, godly people.
They are mainly, but not exclusively women.
Their blogs challenge me,
resonate with me,
and make me want to shout 
I'm not the only one.

As we go into the New Year I'm going to do two things that I've discovered in the last few days on Twitter.

First, I'm going to join in the #1000gifts.
I've downloaded the app.
It will bleep 3 times daily.
And I will think of one thing to be thankful for.
Right then.
In that instant.
365 x 3= 1095 gifts/blessings by the end of the year.
But #1000gifts is much more catchy.
Join me? 

Second, I'm going to do One Word.
The idea is you choose one word for the year.
You don't get stressed or hung up about it,
but you allow it to shape your approach to life.
My word is 'CONTENT'

Those who follow this blog
will know that my life has been shrouded in depression and grief
for much of last year.

Yesterday I read the blog
'Treat me to a Feast; Notes from my abundant life-blogspot- 31.12.12'

"I was not unhappy.
'Happy' isn't a very useful term to describe my circumstances.
There are times when I feel great joy
Other times satisfaction,
a sense of accomplishment
Excitement etc

I don't think happy is enough any longer.
Happy, I think we're done.

Now that's a kind of soul deep thing,
requiring prayer, some maturity,

It was one of my "Yes!" moments.
Because yes, I think 'happy' and I are done too.
Joy might be that bit too much for me just yet.
After all I'm a work in progress.

So my One Word 365 for 2013 is

"I'm not saying this because I'm in any need.
I've learned to be content in whatever situation I'm in."
Philippians 4:11


Anonymous said...

thank you!

Alia Joy said...

Yes, that's a good word indeed. And one so very hard to learn sometimes. Contentment.Looking forward to seeing how that plays out this year. I am still recovering from last years word but I have a word kicking around in my head a lot lately that I think might be my new word for 2013. We'll see. I'll let it simmer a bit more before deciding. Thanks for sharing and welcome to Twitter and the blog world! So good to get to know you.