Wednesday, 16 January 2013

On Nothing Day

Today is known as 'Nothing Day'
Apparently the 16th January is the day when nothing happens.
Christmas has passed and we haven't yet got round to planning anything significant.

When I heard, I decided to declare it
'Drink coffee and eat chocolate biscuits day.'
Thanks for joining in if you did.

So I guess my question is
What did you do today?

I walked Nath to school.
De-iced the car and remembered the wife who phoned to tell her husband that windows had frozen.
He told her to pour water on them.
After a moment she said, there's smoke coming out of the keyboard now too...
I drove to Redhill and enjoyed seeing the heavy frost on the trees and fields.
I prayed.
I talked.
I cried.
I coughed, took my puffer, and my antibiotics and felt lousy.
I read.
Placed an order.
Watched telly.
Read the Famous Five with Nathan.
Ate chocolate biscuits and drank coffee.

Hardly a Nothing Day.
Some of it was quite significant.
Especially the talking and crying and reading the Famous Five.
And I'm reminded that with God nothing is ever wasted.
What might seem like nothing to us can be taken and made into something beautiful for Him.
So I'm content. #OneWord365
What have you done today?

Please comment on here.
It makes my blog much more exciting.
You could even sign up to it if you felt so inclined.
Hope Nothing Day has been a good day for you.
If not, it's not too late for coffee and chocolate biscuits....
(Other drinks would work too.)


Sian said...

I decided not to have a meltdown as my laptop had one....I prayed for my lovely daughter who went away on a 6month mission to Turkey on Sunday and had coffee with extra sugar in as cant eat chocolate :( I CUDDLED MY SON AND SKYPED ACROSS THE WORLD. Managed 8 1/2 hours at work and am now off to bed after a very busy nothing day.

Steve Roberts said...

I liked that you walked your son to school, and Sian (see comments) cuddled her son.

The world needs more of that sort of nothing!

Karen Sandford said...

I love that kind of nothing!
Sian, that's amazing about your daughter.
Scary for you though x