Friday, 18 January 2013

On going to the Hairdressers

I went to the hairdressers today.
I've been going there for a long time so they know me.
I feel comfortable.

My stylist has cut and highlighted my hair since she first started training.
So she knows without me telling her that
Sometimes I leave it curly.
Sometimes I like it straight, but not straightened.
She knows my fringe is sacred.
Never too short.
I have a calf-lick at the front of my hair, so it has to be tamed.
I don't like to show much forehead.

She has a list of the colours I have in my highlights.
She knows I drink coffee.
She always puts me at the middle sink if she can,
As that's the one with the massage chair.
She knows I'm happy to chat and catch up for a while,
But not for too long, as I like to read and browse the magazines.
She knows that I don't talk during the final rinse,
I like to enjoy the head massage with my eyes closed.

I sound demanding.

I'm not.

She just knows.

But still checks that I want things the way they usually are.

Today I mixed it up a bit.
Had a tone of auburn added to the highlights.
You've got to live dangerously sometimes.

She knows about me, Chris and the boys.
I know about her, her boyfriend, her Mum and her little brother.

What I didn't know though was that when she has children she wants to go to church.
She wants the moral and social aspects of it she told me today.
But she doesn't believe in God.

And there it was....
That moment of decision....
Do I stick my head back in the magazine?

Or do I take the chance that she might be waiting to be asked the question why?

So I asked.

And she told.

And we talked.....

About God
About life
About death
About heaven
About faith
About prayer
About bad things happening to good people.
About only good things happening to people who go to church.
About not being put off by what other people think, say or believe.
About finding out for yourself how good God is
(Psalm 34:8)

And you know the funny thing?
I nearly cancelled that appointment because of heavy snow forecast,
But I changed it to the morning instead.
She had a cancellation.
What a coincidence.

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