Wednesday, 2 January 2013

On eating Walnut Whips

I ate a walnut whip.
Just now.
It's been a long time.
But I still remembered the rules...

1. Turn it upside down
2. Eat the chocolate base.
3. Eat the fondant centre, leaving the chocolate shell intact.
4. Eat the chocolate shell until you're left with the walnut
And a decent amount of chocolate.
5. You may now eat the walnut.

They're the rules.
Don't tell me I'm wrong.
I might smile and nod.
I might even show some interest in how you eat yours.
But secretly I'll smile to myself
And feel superior.
There's only one way to eat walnut whips
And that's my way.

Today has been an odd day.
I woke quite late after a bit of a nightmare.
The cottage I was renting was in danger of being over-run.
No-one was listening to me.
Lots of people were trying to take over.
I was misunderstood
Shouted at.
Psychologists would have a field day.

Then a quick remark from me upset somebody I love.
(I was awake by now.)

My day has progressed.

I've had a few hours to myself.
I've read a book with a nice cup of coffee.
I've browsed in a shop.
I laughed with a woman explaining to her daughter about man-flu.
I bought myself and a friend some flowers.
I had a quick chat with someone I'm enjoying getting to know.
I drove in horrendous conditions on the m25.

I have shed tears.
I've felt angry.
I have been hurt.
I have been thankful #1000 gifts
I have been content #OneWord

On reflection it's been a good day.
I'm relieved that life is varied.
We can follow our instincts.
Change our plans.
Shed tears that don't have to overwhelm you.
Make others smile spontaneously.

Not like eating a walnut whip.

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