Saturday, 27 October 2012

Life in The Shadow

It's just over 6 months since I worked publicly.
The depression that knocked me off my feet yet again, is lifting.
Some powerful prayer over the last few weeks has reminded me that I am God's princess,
and he wants me whole. Some healing has taken place.

I've also been trying to take better care of myself.
Those who know me well know that I'm more blessed by chocolate than carrots.
However eating better, walking a lot, and resting when I need to has helped me in my recovery.

The grief at the losses we have suffered over the past 6 months hits us like a freak wave in a calm sea at times, but we go with it, and I'm sensing that's a good thing.

At the end of April, I couldn't see that I would ever work again.
This life as God's co-worker was too hard.
But as I heard His voice responding to my cries say, "I know..."
And his answer to my questions was just, "Trust Me..."
Somehow we have made it through to today.

Today I know that God, my Father does know. I trust Him.
And His word to me over these past few weeks has been
"She that dwells within the secret place of the most High,
shall find rest in the shadow of the Almighty....
He will cover you with his feathers,
He will shelter you with his wings,
His faithful promises are your armour and protection"
Psalm 91:1-4

These are now the words on the post-its around my house.
The boys humour me, but I've put them in strategic places where I hope they'll read and remember them too. (I recued the one that fell down the toilet...)

Thank you for those who are hanging in there with us.
Thank you to those who have taken on our responsibilities as neither of us are able to work at the moment.
Thank you to those who are praying, and those that give us verses and pictures that you feel God is saying to you for us.
Please carry on praying, especially for the boys.
You are a blessing to all of us.
And as we thank God for you, we pray that you too will find rest in His shadow.


Lucy said...

I am glad that hope is peeking through for you. Thank you so much for sharing this.

Karen Sandford said...

Thanks Lucy x