Monday, 20 August 2012

It's August, but September's coming....

We plugged the phone in for the first time today after 3 weeks holiday.
We've had a lovely two weeks in Tenerife followed by a week at home, doing whatever took our fancy.
My reason for writing is that our personal history shows that the devil loves days like today.
Days when God's children return to normality after a time of relaxing, and hopefully refreshing.
He rubs his hand in glee and the phone rings, or the text arrives, or the email pings, or something is posted on fb and twitter, and he does his worst.

So God's children beware over the next few days.
We've already had a call that sent me into panic-mode, and fear that it's all happening again.
The moment has passed but it left a little bruise.

Jesus said, "In this world you will have trouble..... BUT TAKE HEART....I HAVE OVERCOME THE WORLD" John 16:33

We have been warned. We may like Mrs Johnson in Blood Brothers wish to be "Away from the dirt and the muck and the bloody trouble." But we are where God is.

Join me in wrapping his presence around us right now.
Tell the devil where to go, he has no place here.
It's August, but September (ie. normality) is coming.
God is already there.
Trust Him.


Karen Sandford said...

2 days after writing this, my Dad died suddenly.
My other blogs talk about that.
However I still believe that God is in the future. I will do my very best to trust Him.

Karen Sandford said...

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