Friday, 20 July 2012

Digging deep.

I should be a great gardener. My Grandad was a gardener all his life, and kept a beautiful garden into his 90's. My Mum, my Aunty, and my sister are all good in the garden. Friends give me plants, and cuttings to plant. But no. Nothing much happens.

The truth is that I like the idea of a nice garden and growing my own vegetables, but once the seeds or plants are in the ground I forget about them. Until a few weeks or months later when I notice they've shrivelled up.

Today I decided it was high time I did something with the plants a friend brought round about a month ago. I needed to clear some pots of weeds first, and while I was there decided to clear last years potato plants that were sat in proper potato sacks near the patio. As I pulled them up I spotted a potato. So I dug a bit deeper. It was like digging for treasure as I brought out about a dozen good sized new potatoes. Guess what we're having over the weekend?

Life has been tough lately. There seems to have been a lot of darkness through illness and injuries and bereavement. You know when life feels as if you're just lurching from one crisis to the next?
I struggle sometimes to hear God in the darkness. But I believe that God loves me, and will make something beautiful from this time, even if I have no glimpse of it at the moment.

A friend posted this on Facebook yesterday
You Can Because He Can.
You can ask the Lord because He will not give you a wrong answer.
You can wait upon the Lord because His timing is always perfect.
You can trust in the Lord because He makes no mistakes.
You can hope in the Lord because He holds your future.
You can rest in the Lord because He is in control of your life.
You can lean upon the Lord because He is completely faithful.
(Roy Lessin)

In the meantime, I shall enjoy eating today's 'treasure'. Where's that butter?


Sue Cross said...

Often 'treasure' is covered in mud, so that we can't see it. Blessings can also come out of our darkest times. He can indeed turn our ashes into beauty.
Sue Cross, author Tea at Sam's

Karen Sandford said...

'I will give you the treasures of darkness, riches stored in secret places, so that you may know that I am the Lord who calls you by name.' Isaiah 45:3
Thanks Sue