Wednesday, 13 July 2016

On being on The One Show

Harlow was on The One Show last night.
I know!
We have a tic in the area.
It infects dogs.
They lose strength in their legs,
can't eat or drink,
and if untreated it's lethal.

Apparently it's a tiny little thing.
It's probably come here on another dog that's been on holiday abroad.
It's causing chaos.
Inability to function.
And in one case, death.

Just a little thing.....
Amid all the beauty of the area.

Little things have a way of causing chaos.
One word.
One look.
One mistake.

It's not the big things I usually have an issue with.
Adrenaline tends to kick in, at least for a while.

But the little things?
They kill me.
Every time.

And before I know it I feel weak,
Unable to function.

Jesus said,
"Come to me...
All you who are tired from carrying heavy loads...
I will give you rest."

Come to me.
I will give you rest.

Not more criticism.
Or harsh words.
Or conflict.
Or hardship.
Or reason to shout rude words very loudly.

Just Him.
And you.
And rest.

I wonder if today you need to hear Him calling your name?
If you, like me, need reminding....?

He is there.
With healing in His wings.

I pray God's presence and peace in your life right now.
He's got this.
And you.
Trust Him.

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