Wednesday, 31 December 2014

New Years Eve

I'm not one for New Year Resolutions.
January can be tough enough without adding the F word of fail
to my weak attempts at getting thin and fit.

However I have learnt a few things this year which I am happy to share.

1. God is everywhere.
I mean really everywhere.
There is no place where I am that He is not.
So every fear
Every failure
Any revelation I never knew
Is known
And felt
And understood...
I mean really understood by him.
Nothing without him.

2. I don't need to rush.
God told me this on Christmas Eve.
Take your time.
Be measured.
I don't accomplish any more by rushing.
It just sends my anxiety levels rocketing.
He knows what I need to do.
Trust him.

3. Other people's opinions vary.
What they think has no bearing on anything.
Ooh that was a tough one for a recovering people-pleaser to hear.
You can imagine.
The only opinion that counts is God's.
And He often expects less of me than I expect of myself,
and certainly what other people expect.
I am a person of integrity.
It's between me and Him alone.

4. Rest.
I need it.
I don't function well without it.
I refuse to be one of those people (especially officers)
who wear their busyness
Like a badge of honour.
It's not big
It's not clever
And it's not God's best for us.
I will have Sabbath.

5. Love
I want to give big love this year
To my husband
My sons
My family
My friends
My 'flock'
And to those whom God places in my path,
Or I in theirs.

So there you go
My New Year's Eve ponderings.
Thank you for sharing my life this year.
May you be blessed and be a blessing.

Much love

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