Thursday, 7 March 2013

40 Days of Feasting: On going through the process

I love the way God works.
Take today for instance.

I've been tired
Well fed
Teaching piano
Prayed for

And did I mention tired?

So I escape up to bed.
And I write all the questions I have in my journal.
There are some biggies
It's been that sort of day.

And as I transfer the thoughts whirling around my head
onto the page
I start to breathe again

And I note some scripture about peace.

I read the verse that just happened to be on today's calendar.
About seeing things as in a glass darkly.

Then I look at the blogs that have come through to my inbox today.
And guess what they're about?

Peace in the storm.
Trusting those in authority (interesting, that one...!)
Bringing my broken pieces to the God who has promised to put them back together.

And finally Jehovah-Jireh
The God who provides
But who often feels like a last-minute God
A bit like that ebay app that posts your bid at the very last second.

God isn't known for giving instant answers.
But he meets us where we are
Takes us by the hand
And helps us discover truth
In the space we inhabit.
I love him for that.

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