Tuesday, 22 January 2013

On snow sculpting.

I had a 'moment' earlier on.
It was just towards the end of my allocated work time.
The tears took me a bit by surprise.

At first I thought
OK. I'll stop.
Time for a warm drink, a snuggle on the sofa and maybe a biscuit or two.

And then I thought.
I know.
I'll go for a walk in the snow.
End up at Tesco and get something nice for my lunch.
See how food often features?

And then I remembered the boys laughing at me yesterday.
Four of them in total.
They'd made a tortoise in the snow.
Well that's what they'd called it, but it didn't look much like one to me.
More like a mound of snow.
I asked them why they hadn't made something simple like a cat.
They seem quite popular this year for snow sculpting.
So they laughed.

So my third and final option was to show them.
Off I went, into the garden, and transformed their tortoise into a cat.

Sidney, my snow cat.

As I picked up and sculpted the snow,
(It wasn't that difficult)
These were my thoughts:

1. Be kinder to yourself.
You find it really difficult to talk to people at the moment,
and you've had 3 telephone conversations and a face to face chat.

2. Know your limitations.
Take it a day at a time.
Push yourself if you can, but know when it's enough.

3. Ignore the people you think are not encouraging you,
Or even making things difficult.
(Not the boys, obviously, they were just teasing).
Listen for God's voice.
He knows what you are made of.
He knows what you can do.

4. And finally I remembered that a friend was praying for me yesterday.
She heard God say, "I'm so proud of Karen."
She loved Him, and me, enough to pass the message on,
Along with other things she heard Him say.

Snow sculpting is great.
I recommend it.
Great for gaining perspective.
Great for having fun.
And great for hearing God speak.
Maybe we all need to hear those things today?

I have made my cat.
I can rest content #OneWord365

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