Friday, 7 December 2012

STOP! Look and listen.

I helped at Nathan's Christmas Fair yesterday.
It was packed with excited children and exhausted parents,
so pretty much business as usual.

Do you ever want to scream STOP at this time of year?
Too much already.

Mum, my sister and I sorted out Dad's things on Tuesday.
As we filled the car with bags for the charity shop
it felt so final.
A person's life contained in a car-load.

Too much already.

Today has been a better day.
The sun has shone.
The sky turned a brilliant blue after the snow showers.
And I had a lovely coffee with Chris at the Garden Centre.

As we were driving back I remembered the Advent challenge I gave our congregation a few years back.
It came from the carol, 'It came upon the midnight clear',
And the challenge was to

'Hush the noise, ye men (and women) of strife
And hear the angels sing.'

Look for the reality of His presence in the madness of Christmas.
Listen for Him.
His angels may come from unexpected places.


Angie Mabry-Nauta said...

So beautiful, Karen. Thanks for sharing your heart and soul with your readers. I imagine Christmas will be most different for you and your family this year. Where is God in that? Everywhere...and right next to you, comforting you. Warm Advent blessings to you, sister.

Karen Sandford said...

Thank you.
It is very different, but I'm learning that's ok x

Holly said...

Oh Karen,
"the reality of His presence..."
This is truth, friend, that despite the churning crazy everything that life has been for you this year,
Here's praying that his angels will surprise you this season, bringing great tidings of joy.
Grace and peace to you as you navigate Christmas without your dearest ones around you.

Karen Sandford said...

Thanks Holly x

Keri Wyatt Kent said...

Beautiful post, Karen. A great reminder.

Tanya Marlow said...

I'm very late to commenting, but this was simple and beautiful. I'm hoping that you do hear the music of the angels in the midst of the busyness and sorrow, and that Christ will be especially present with you this Christmas. Much love.

Karen Sandford said...

Thank you.
You've all blessed me over and over with your blogs.