Sunday, 23 December 2012

Christmas Tidings

Happy Christmas!

Those who know us well, will be well aware that 2012 could easily be called our Annus Horribilis,
And other rude words which I won't mention here.

This Christmas we will be aware of those who are absent for the first time,
Chris's Mum and Dad, Charles and Irene.
My Grandad Fred.
And my Dad, John.
We miss, and will miss them dreadfully
But we will remember them with love and thanks
Not only for the people they were
But for the way they loved us so well.

So bearing all that in mind
I asked Chris and the boys for one positive thing that had happened in 2012.

Chris - West Ham got back into the Premiership and recently beat Chelsea.
Ryan - His first lads' holiday in Malia
Joel   - Grew 5 inches in 2 months
Nathan - Got his grade 1 piano

And me?
I abseiled 70ft off Black Rock in Derbyshire. I know!

We also had a good holiday in Tenerife.
Wall-to-wall sunshine was just what the Dr ordered.
And it gave us some much-needed rest and recuperation.

We hope you've had a better year than we have.
But we are still standing as a family unit.
Together we know that God will not fail us.
We trust Him.

Thank you for your love and prayers.
Happy Christmas!
May Immanuel be a reality for you
And may you know the peace and joy of Christ in 2013.

Me and my boys

On Mount Teide

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Deryk Durrant said...

I'm convinced God uses your honesty to bless others, I pray that you'll know His blessings with you and yours too.